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PAVA2240 All in one Voice Evacuation System


● AB line speaker output of two zones, independent switch with master volume, treble and bass adjustment
● Support speaker line detection (light load, overload, open circuit and short circuit)
● One channel audio input, two-zone paging microphone, support offline detection
● Built-in primary and standby 240W digital amplifier module, auto switch to standby amplifier when the primary one breaks down
● Support AC/DC power supply, and AC/DC automatic recognition and switch
● With 24V battery charger, auto charging when AC power supply is used
● With emergency button which supports playing of recordings in SD card under emergency circumstances. Button-press records will be saved in SD card.
● Speaking through a handheld microphone will be automatically recorded in SD card.
● Two-channel linkage output
● Two channels of dry contact input
● Can be connected with Fireman Microphone PAVA2200
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Two partition AB line speaker output, independent switch and volume control for each zone, with master volume and treble-bass adjustment
Support line detection of speakers (heavy load or short circuit or open circuit)
1 channel audio input, 2 paging microphones, support microphone line-drop detection
Built-in 240W digital power amplifier module with power amplifier module fault indication
Support AC power supply and 24VDC power supply, automatic identification and switch, detection and warning of DC power connection
With emergency mode button. In the emergency mode, you can use the button to select and play warning recording in SD card
2-way programmable linkage relay output interface
2-way programmable input contact interface
With standby amplifier interface
Comply with EN54-16 requirements




100V (240W)




Fireman Microphone


Line Input


Dimension (L×W×H)

500×400×180 (mm)


15kg (without battery)

PAVA2240 All in one Voice Evacuation System

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