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Multimedia Conference System Solution Powered by D6401

Android/IOS Network Programable Multimedia Central Control Host
● Programable multimedia control center
● Based on TCP/IP protocol, support unlimited extension, support Android/IOS communication via network
● Specially designed 8 serial ports, every port can be “port in” then the rest can be “port out”
● 8 individual programable Rs232 port, can receive and send out data of Rs232, Rs485 and Rs422
● Built-in 8M RAM and 16M memory FLASH storage
● Built-in 32-bit Samsung ARM embedded processor, process speed can reach to 533MHZ
● 8 channels individual programable IR port, can be used as serial port, making total programable ports up to 16 pcs
● 8 channel digital Input/Output control port, with circuit protection function
● 8 channel low current replay interfaces, can control switching volume of 5V
● 2 network interfaces, can communicate with 256 network terminals
● With Infrared learning function, customers can change the Infrared devices without re-write the program
● Adopt international popular SMT assembling technology
● Working power of AC 110-240V, suitable to use in any part of the world

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