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4K IP-based Distribution Matrix Audiovisual System

The 4K Visual Distributed Management Platform of DSPPA integrates advanced audio and video transmission control, graphics signal switching, multi-screen image processing, network and intelligent control technology, which meets the user's needs of "security, stability, scalability, interconnection, visualization and convenience" for the intelligent management platform. It also improves the efficiency of control, schedule and conference communication, and the timeliness of resource release and fault prevention.

The system is designed in a distributed architecture. When one of the equipment breaks down, the system can still run normally. With the new video coding and decoding technology and lossless transmission mode, it brings excellent audio and video experience and visualization operation to customers. It realizes the functions of HD signal acquisition and restoration, uncompressed transmission, environment control, interconnection and interoperability among different regions. Users can control and schedule signal sources in different regions in real time only through touch control equipment, which is widely used in conference, monitoring, multimedia information publishing, control and scheduling etc.


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