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PC10 Series Automatic PA System

1.With fully digital management, soft-touch, “hand in hand”
data link, easy and simple installation
2.Smart PC-link PA system, support remote monitoring and
central control, the hero of 2008 Beijing Olympics
3.Humane network remote control interface, simulation
remote control operation
4.Automatic timer programming run, M/S amplifier
automatically switches, fault automatically alarm
5.Support unattended
6.Partition management, support public emergency
broadcast forcibly inserted into the partition
7.Support remote paging station, the paging broadcast
forcibly inserted into the partition
8.Run automatic monitoring, information is displayed on the
screen, the fault alarms will be sent by SMS group
9.Supports multi-system cascade, parallel operation, easy to
10.To adapt international 110V/220V grid, compatible with 24V
standby power
11.Leading research and development, complete certifications
and inspections, and the standard management

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