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DSPPA Conference System Applied in Government Meeting Room in Vietnam

DSPPA Conference System Applied in Government Meeting Room in Vietnam
Recently, DSPPA conference system was successfully installed and put into use in government office in Hoa Binh, Vietnam. DSPPA classical conference system MP9866 was adopted with the advantage of easy installation and stable performance. Besides, professional feedback suppressor was applied in the system to make the best sound effect.
Product Introduction
MP9866 Digital Conference System

 Small to medium digital conference system, support up to 35 Mic
 Support three conference modes, easy to use:
1: Free mode, speaker can turn on/off the Mic without limitation
2: FIFO mode, first in, first out, can set up total delegate Mic number 1 to 19
3: Limited mode, can set up simultaneous delegate speaker number 1 to 19
 Chairman Mic with priority function, with Chairman Only on/off options
 With bass & treble adjustment, support balanced and unbalanced outputs

D6573 Feedback Suppressor
 2 channel auto feedback suppressor
 64/128 sampling of 24-bit, with A/D and D/A converter, high resolution
 Each channel with 12 band feedback search, intelligent processing
 Single-point mode: auto search and process notch frequency
 Manual mode: can set up the 2x12 wave filter’s parameter, including frequency and equalizer
 XLR and TRS interfaces for audio inputs and outputs
 Two processing modules, L and R
 2x16 LCD screen for working status displaying
 With RS232 interface to connect with other device
 Aluminum fashionable panel, 1U slim design, suitable for rack mounting

Installation scene

System Diagram

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