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DSPPA Network PA System Applied to EtonHouse International School, Dongguan

DSPPA Network PA System Applied to EtonHouse International School, Dongguan


DSPPA network PA system has been successfully applied to EtonHouse (Laguna Verona) Foreign Language School-Houjie. These days, we are working on the configuration of the PA system. 

EtonHouse Foreign Language School is one of the high-end international schools organized by Singapore EtonHouse international education group. The school covers an area of 152 acres with a building area of 72,000 square meters.


DSPPA network PA system is designed to cover the whole school area, which are 85 classrooms, teaching building, experimental building, administrative building, indoor and outdoor playground, sports ground, canteen, student dormitories and office building, etc. The PA coverage areas are divided into 14 zones, and each single classroom can be managed independently. With the remote control software or remote control paging station, the principal or administrator is easily to operate the functions of the PA system, such us playing class bells, music for morning exercises, broadcasting and announcements to different areas as needed. With DSPPA network PA system, the school’s daily routine is easily to be maintained and under control.


Product display

The system applied is MAG6000 IP-based PA system. This system is more flexible comparing to traditional PA system. It supports remote control and paging. Programmable timing function and abundant audio source inputs enable the school to broadcast and play music and attention more conveniently.

System features:

Flexible, no limit of zone management

Flexible, no limit of zone management
Abundant audio source inputs
Programmable timing function
Remote control and paging function
Remote computer control and monitor
Automatic backup and recovery

Installation Scene

Product list (Part)

System connection diagram

The system will be ready to be used and serve the teachers and students of this school in the new coming semester in September. DSPPA will always dedicate itself to the modernization of education!

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