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Paperless Conference System Guarantees Work Efficiency

Paperless Conference System Guarantees Work Efficiency

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we DSPPA are willing to render an efficient solution to paperless conference. Now, let’s take a closer look at our DSPPA Paperless Conference System.

DSPPA Paperless Conference System is specially designed for modern multi-media conference. It can support functions such as check-in, conference files sharing, voting and discussion to realize paperless conference environment.

The Paperless Conference System consists of conference server, conference recorder, video projecting server, desktop conference terminal with lifting monitor or flip-up monitor, electronic nameplate and so on. You can see the overall layout in the following application scenes.

The project covers conference sound reinforcement system and central control system as well as paperless conference system to meet the requirement of users for discussion of judicial cases. The electronic materials of the meeting do not need to be printed out as participants can view directly on the Client, which can save printing costs.

The Customs Office Building adopts multiple sets of DSPPA paperless conference system, information release system, and conference reservation system products for information construction of customs system!

Also, the conference system can be applied to other scenes, as shown below.

Well, it is obvious that DSPPA Paperless Conference System has an extensive application. Thus, we are prepared to promote the system for your efficient work and discussion under such circumstance.

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