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Questions and Answers on Knowledge of Various Audio Conference Systems (II)

What issues need to be considered in purchasing a conference audio system?

When purchasing conference audio system, we need to consider the following points:
1. Considering the reduction rate, sound quality and transmission distance of the original sound, we need to consider whether to choose a digital system.
2. Considering the beauty and fashion of the system, new technology and new concepts, we need to consider whether to use wireless conference system.
3. Considering the control management and transmission among the equipment, we need to consider whether to adopt centralized control system.
4. According to the grade and orientation of conference rooms, we also need to consider the brand and overall cost of the system.
5. According to the requirement of use, it is necessary to consider whether to add video control and display system to the system.

What is Hand-in-Hand conference audio system?
The "Hand in Hand" conference system uses a single cable connection mode, that is, each speaker unit in the system uses a one-in-one-out connection mode, input from the previous unit, output transmission to the next unit. That is what we usually call bus connection mode. The voice signal and control signal in the whole system are transmitted through a cable, so that the audio conference system can work orderly and smoothly.

What is infrared wireless conference audio system
The conference system using infrared wireless technology for signal transmission is called infrared wireless conference system. Infrared wireless conference system is fashionable and beautiful, which gets rid of the troubles caused by cable in traditional conference rooms. While satisfying the functions of the traditional conference system, it also has the advantages of system stability, security, high fidelity, easy installation and use, and beautiful overall environment of the venue. As a new thing, it is quickly accepted by the market and is being applied in more and more practical engineering cases.

What is a conference audio system for network transmission?
Through network data transmission technology, voice signals in two conference rooms far apart or in different places will be transmitted bidirectionally, which makes it possible for two conference rooms far apart to hold a meeting at the same time. This is what we usually call teleconferencing. It has been widely used in practical cases.

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