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Why Choose Digital Wireless Microphone System

The digital age has been integrated into our personal and professional lives. More and more, we are replacing atlases with GPS, exchanging contact information on mobile phones rather than writing it down, and starting research projects at home with Google instead of library card catalogues. Audio is no exception, all this will not go backward. Seventy years ago, Alec Reeves patented Pulse Code Modulation, which helped invent the transistor in 1947. This makes the sampling frequency bandwidth of human auditory audio possible. It was not until 1970 that audio producers introduced the first digital recording system.

You need to think more about choosing a digital wireless microphone system


Compared with analog systems, digital systems may require 10% to 20% more budget. Nevertheless, digital wireless systems can provide features that analog systems cannot provide, including advanced battery technology, extended operating time, more radio broadcasting frequencies, encryption technology, and external interference detection.


Delay is the time when a signal reaches the output port after entering the input port of a digital device. In analog devices, audio signals are transmitted at the speed of light. Potential factors are not critical. However, in digital devices, the upcoming analog audio signals need to be converted into digital signals. Then the signal is converted back to the analog signal. A large number of delay values can cause problems. Most high-quality digital systems produce delays of less than 5 milliseconds, which are generally acceptable to most audiences.

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