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MP250UDC 250W Digital Mixer Amplifier


● Built-in LCD screen displays are intuitive and more convenient for users to use.
● Built-in functions: Bluetooth, FM and MP3 player (USB slot).
● 03 Microphone inputs, 02 Aux inputs, 01 Aux output, 01 AMP in and 01 Pre-out.
● When the MIC1 signal is lost, it will return to its old state after about 2-3 seconds.
● MUTE & SIREN. short circuit trigger function.
● Can be controlled by the infrared remote controller.
● Priority: MUTE > EMC=Alarm=Bell > Mic1> Other.
● Speaker output of a constant voltage (70V or 100V) and low impedance distribution system (4Ω-16Ω).
● High durability, high reliability and high performance.
● AC and DC power operation.
● Mute function.
● With master volume control, independent volume control of MIC and AUX, and Treble and Bass volume control.
● Independent tone control gain and loss for both high and low frequencies.
● With SIREN short circuit trigger function, which can be remotely controlled by this machine or controlled by other devices, with independent alarm output.
● With MUTE short circuit trigger function, which can be remotely controlled by this machine or controlled by other devices.
● With 1 EMC IN, which can be used to input alarm signals from other devices to this machine.
● With power-off memory function.
● The current limiting circuit protects transistors and the thermal protection circuit prevents failure due to overheating.
● All MIC inputs are electronically balanced inputs.
● Mute function: MIC1 has a priority function. When Mic1 input is used, it takes priority and automatically reduces the volume to 0dB-30dB.

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MP250UDC Digital Mixer Amplifier is a multi-functional mixer amplifier integrated with the functions of USB flash disk, FM, Bluetooth. Support 70V/100V and 4-16Ω speaker output, With 3 Mic in, 2 Aux in, 01 Aux Out, 01 AMP in, 01 Pre out, 1 EMC for audio input. With various functions, including clear screen display of status, EMC IN, MIC2, MIC3 with phantom power, priority of inputs, user-friendly and easy to use.
The MP250UDC is a high performance and competitively priced digital mixer amplifier, suitable for broadcasting announcements or background music in schools, offices, shops, factories, mosques, churches. and large rooms.

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