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MP9866 Digital Conference System Controller


● Using eight-core all-digital high-fidelity circuit development and design;
● Built-in RISC high-performance CPU as the core, stable system and fast calculation;
● The system host adopts liquid crystal display, and the menu operation is more intuitive and us- er-friendly;
● The system host has 2 outputs, which can connect 120 units in total;
● The system speech mode has first-in first-out, fully open mode, chairman mode, etc.;
● Unique high-fidelity audio processing circuit to improve the clarity of the entire system;
● Equipped with a recording output interface, all meeting records can be completely recorded and saved, and the audio output can also be connected to an external audio amplifier;
● The chairman unit can use the priority button (Priority) to control the order of speaking and control the atmosphere of the meeting;

  • Introduction
  • Specification

It includes Conference Controller MP9866 (conference host), Chairman Conference Microphone CM60, Delegate Conference Microphone CM61 , Conference Cable Connector, etc.
With complete digital design and supporting kinds of conference system has first-to-speaker rights and line up automatically function.

Performance specifications




Static consumption


Most consumption


Output Power


Line out

100Ω unbalanced

Input sensitivity


Frequency response








Size (LWH)

484Lx 365W x88H (mm)



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