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Pro Sound System

  • Conference Amplifier and SpeakerConference Amplifier and SpeakerDecember 14, 2017view
  • Array SpeakerArray SpeakerSeptember 20, 2018Array speaker, normaly consists of numbers of speakers hanging together. The speaker unit has the same amplitude and phase position, the line array speaker will produce cylindrical wave.view
  • Professional SpeakerProfessional SpeakerSeptember 21, 2018Professional speakers could be divided into following categories by use. Practice proves that objective indicators cannot fully reflect the characteristics of speakers. Subjective listening is also ve...view
  • Wireless MicrophoneWireless MicrophoneSeptember 25, 2018view
  • Professional AmplifierProfessional AmplifierSeptember 25, 2018Compared with normal amplifiers, professional amplifiers have larger output power, higher signal-to-noise ratio, higher stability and lighter weight. There are some characteristics of different types ...view
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