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AUX8500 IP Intelligent Paging System

  • AUX8501 Intelligent Paging StationAUX8501 Intelligent Paging StationAugust 26, 2019DSP9101 is a network Hi-Fi paging station based on TCP/IP transmission protocol, the smart paging station can be linked to anywhere reachable to the network, so as to achieve the paging to and cont...view
  • AUX6604N Wall Mount SpeakerAUX6604N Wall Mount SpeakerJune 26, 2017AUX6604N speaker is specially designed for network system, built in 2x20W amplifier and 4G memory card for song storage,which can play music,paging and emergency signal from network with highest prior...view
  • AUX203N 2X15W IP Indoor Column SpeakerAUX203N 2X15W IP Indoor Column SpeakerJune 27, 2017AUX203N IP Network Column Speaker is made of high quality birch, the speaker unit using the original colorseaweed salvage pulp drum paper, full-frequency double cone speaker, frequency response wider....view
  • AUX205N 20W IP Outdoor Column SpeakerAUX205N 20W IP Outdoor Column SpeakerJune 27, 2017Acoustic quality is good,casing is made of aluminum&magnesium alloy,can withstand sunshine ,rain, wind and snow,suitable for outdoor/indoor use.They are widely used in public supermarkets,schools,...view
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