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D6282 Conference Camera (Standard Definition)


● Exview HAD CCD has 440,000 effective pixels; you can use this camera to capture images with improved resolution.
● With 360 degree horizontal rotation and 120 degree vertical rotation which cooperates with the built-in image flip (upside down image displaying) function
● With 18X / 22X optical zoom features.
● Image quality of digital zoom can be improved by using the newly developed digital signal processor (DSP).
● Multi-function infrared remote control: remote control can easily control the camera PTZ, lens and other basic functions.
● Through the use of control commands from microcomputer, the camera can be controlled.
● Control protocol: SONY "VISCA", PELCO-P / D
● Exceptional rate: 9600 (@SONY VISCA)
● Alarm function: motion detection alarm, the area can be set.
● Various control ways by multi-function infrared remote control and RS422C industrial control interface and computer PC control Preset: 9 (@ SONY VISCA), 128 (PELCO)
● Manual control speed: maximum 100 degrees / second
● Vertical manual control speed: maximum 90 degrees / sec
● Provides precise multi-function remote control
  • Introduction
  • Specification
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This series of video conference camera is a color video camera with high-performance, high-sensitivity,  horizontal 360° and 120° vertical orientation adjustable, equipped with SONY integrated camera of high-performance digital processing(DSP) and communication protocol for the PELCO - / D, SONY VISCA. Built-in vertical flip function provides users  options  of ceiling installation or normal installation. In addition to remote control operation, precise remote control can also be achieved through connecting to RS-422 in VSCA protocol.

Ø System

Video signal

PAL color standard, CCIR standard


1/4 inch color CCD (total pixels: about 470000; effective pixels: about 440,000)


18X (optics) 12 (number) f = 4.1 to 73.8 mm, F1.4 to F3.0


Minimal subject distance

35mm(Wide angle end),800mm(remote)


Minimum illumination

0.7lux(F1.4)/50 IRE


Shutter speed

1/1--1/10000seconds(VISCA control)

Horizontal resolution


Video SNR


PTZ action

Level: 360 degrees Maximum speed: 100 degrees / second. Vertical: +90 degrees, -30 degrees maximum speed: 90 / sec

Ø Input / output interface

Video output

RCA lotus seat (1), 1Vp-p75 ohm, non-balanced sync: negative polarity

Video output

4-pin mini DIN (1)

Input / output control interface

VISCA RS-232C: 8-core mini DIN (input: 1, output: 1)

VISCA RS-422C:9芯

Control signal format

9600bps / 38400bps Data: 8bit stop bit: 1

Power interface

JEITA  4 model

Ø Others

Input voltage

DV12V (DC10.8--13V)

Current consumption

1.0A(12V DC input)

Operating temperature

0℃--  +40℃

Storage temperature

-20℃--  +60℃

Dimension MM




Installation angle

The angle from the horizontal surface is 15°

D6282 Conference Camera (Standard Definition)

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