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D6404 Integrated Multimedia Central Control Host


● Programable multimedia control center
● Adopt 64-bit embedded processor, max speed can reach 667MHZ
● 8 individual programable Rs232 port, can receive and send out data of Rs232, Rs485 and Rs422
● Built-in 256M RAM and 1 G memory FLASH storage
● 8 channels individual programable infrared port, 4 programable In/Out
● 8 channel digital Input/Output control port, with circuit protection function
● 4x4 signal matrix, VGA 15HD interface
● 4x4/5x3/6x2/7x1 audio matrix, BNC interface
● 8x4 audio matrix, 3-pin 3.8 phoenix jack
● 3 programable dual-direction serial port, DB9/M interface
● Can work with all the DSPPA touch control
● Working power of AC 110-240V, suitable to use in any part of the world

  • Introduction
  • Specification

D6404 is the enhanced edition of first generation. In addition to all the functions of the first generation, D6404 adds the infrared transmitter port, IO input and output, programmable two-way serial port, applying 32-bit embedded computer core, complex logic operations supported and wireless / wired touch screen supported.

It is an economic and intelligent central control system and can be widely used in small and medium multi-purpose conference room, video conferencing systems, large and medium-sized institutions, intelligent home and the like.


32-bit ARM microprocessor


210MIPS, up to 533MIPS

Standard memory

8M SDRAM,16M Flash

Extended memory

Can be extended to 32M

VGA bandwidth

300MHz(-3dB)full load

AV bandwidth

150MHz(-3dB)full load

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