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D6650 D6651 D6652 D6653 D6654 D6655 Series Wireless Microphone System


● LCD display (display group, channels and battery power)
● Infrared frequency pairing point:Cooperate with the receiver "SET" button to transmit the channel parameters to the transmitter.
● Up (to set volume, switch between high and low power, and lock switch)
● Down (to set volume, switch between high and low power, and lock switch)
● Menu (could adjust volume VOLO4, PA reception enhancement, LOCK to lock three function interfaces and use Up and Down to adjust parameters of current function.)
● Light touch power switch (in the state of shutdown, hold down for 3 seconds to boot; in the boot state, hold down for 3 seconds for shutdown)
● Battery Card Spring button (Press the buttons on both sides at the same time by your left hand, and pull the bottom of the microphone slightly hard in the right hand. The battery could be pull out

  • Introduction
  • Specification

This product adopts radio frequency transmission and is susceptible to outside wireless signals interference. DSPPA Audio promised. All products are qualified products which passed strict testing. If instantaneous frequency-loss occurred in the installation and application, in most cases, the system frequency of the product is affected by the interference of the external ambient factory. If it happens, please carefully check the interference of external and internal installation ambient factors listed below, and make appropriate settings and adjustment on ambient and system.
D665 Series Wireless Microphone System

D665 Series Wireless Microphone System

(Host + 2 Handheld MIC) D6650
(Host + 1 Handheld + 1 Waistband + 1 Collar MIC) D6651
(Host + 1 Handheld + 1 Waistband + 1 Headset MIC) D6652
(Host + 2 Waistband + 2 Collar MIC) D6653
(Host + 2 Waistband + 1 Collar + 1 Headset MIC) D6654
(Host + 2 Waistband + 2 Headset MIC) D6655

1. Whether there is television tower, large cell phone launch base station or other strong jamming signals around the site
2. Whether there is a mobile phone signal amplifier installed in the site.
3. Whether high frequency wireless intercom system is used in the site, and other brands of wireless microphone systems is installed
4. Whether there are other metal objects that may block or attenuate wireless signals around the system.
5. Whether the receiver antenna is too close to the computer, the computer or other radio frequency interference machine.
6. Whether there is an obvious obstacle between the receiver and the transmitter
7. Whether the surrounding environment is too humid.

Technical terms

UHF is the Written in English of ultra-high frequency, mainly it indicates 300 ~ 3000MHz ultra high frequency radio waves.
PLL is the abbreviations of phase locked loop, when wireless microphone is transmitting and receiving signal by frequency synthesis, it can receive signal satisfactorily within a frequency band signals, and it can also switch work channels arbitrarily in this frequency band.


It means Diversity Reception, a method to reduce or eliminate mufti-path frequency loss by using two or more antennas and receiver. The most commonly used methods include dual antenna phase switching, dual receiver audio switching, and "ratio diversity" audio combination. The most effective method is the ratio diversity combination


When the receiver of the wireless microphone is not receiving the signal, or the signal is weak, the output signal will be automatically cut off to avoid outputting noise, which is called squelch

Frequency loss

When the transmitter is at some location of the room, the carrier signal and the sound are lost in an instant, or the background noise is enhanced. Just move the location of transmitters (even just a few inches). Usually the sound will turn to normal.

1.1 System parameter



Working frequency


Modulation type




Channel spacing


Frequency stability


Dynamic range


Max. deviation


Frequency response

50Hz~18KHz (±3dB) (The frequency of the entire system depends on the microphone unit)

Signal/Noise ratio


Composite distortion

≤0.5% @1000Hz

Working distance

About 200 meters

(The working distance depends on many variables, including absorption, reflection and interference of RF signals)


   Working temperature


Package size (mm)


Gross weight



1.2 Receiver index

Receiver mode


Secondary frequency super heterodyne

Mid-range frequency


Antenna access



12dBμV(80dB S/N)


Spurious noise suppression 


Audio Output Level:balanced output

+10 dB(XLR)

Audio output level: unbalanced output

+4 Db(1/4”,6.3mm  Jack socket )

Power supply mode 

DC 12V 500mA input

Stray inhibition


Audio output


Output impedance

XLR: 200Ω 1/4"1KΩ



Function display


Machine size


Net weight



1.3 Transmitter index


Dynamic Microphone


Handheld microphone with a spiral antenna, wearable transmitter adopts 1/4 wave length whip antenna.

Output power

High power 20mW; Low power 7mW

Transition power


Spurious noise suppression 


Power supply

2pcs AA 1.5V  alkaline batteries

Validity of battery 

20mWwill last for 9 hours, 7mW will last for 13 hours

Function display


Net weight


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