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D7222 Desktop Digital Delegate Unit with Voting Function & Touch Screen


● Power supply through PoE+48V network cable, support cascaded connection;
● With 5 inch TFT screen to bring the brand-new experience;
● Support IC card check-in (induction distance < 10mm) , key check-in and other modes.
● Can be configured into chairman unit, VIP unit, delegate unit, translation unit, operator unit and other management authority.
● With conference discussion, voting and other functions,
● can view and compile conference information;
● 1 channel 3.5mm audio output interface, can manually adjust the volume, and has 7 balanced adjustments;
● Support camera tracking function. With built-in speaker: 4W/2Ω
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The conference unit integrates functions such as speaking, voting, sign-in, self-test, tea application service and two-way intercom. Adopt cardioid directional condenser microphone, built-in internal magnetic speaker, headphone jack, with microphone on indicator ring and touch button light switch indication. It has the function of voice control switch in VOICE mode. Built-in digital high-speed processor and high-fidelity audio circuit. The unit with LCD capacitive touch screen can be operated by touch. The display can show the identity and working status of the chairman unit / VIP unit / common unit. With a variety of working modes, with echo cancellation, howling suppression, background squelch and other functions.
D7222 Desktop Digital Delegate Unit with Voting Function & Touch Screen

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