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DS-1908 10W dual-way intercom system for counter


● Realistic voice, adjustable internal and external volume.
● Streamlined built-in extension, small in size, internal and external connection using a 4-pin cable of high-strength tensile, fully shielded aluminum foil wire with stronger anti-interference, used with stainless steel wire protection tube.
● Adopt intercom dedicated speaker and 37cm metal microphone for the host, more convenient to realize free two-way intercom with the extension.
● With microcomputer processing circuit, and static noise function for echo and howling.
● With independent switch function, the internal and external volume can be adjusted or turned off separately.
● Adopt aluminum alloy metal wire drawing process for the surface and metal hose for the microphone, beautiful and durable.
● Applicable to banks, hospitals, stations, restaurants and booking offices.
  • Introduction
  • Specification
  • Connection

The new high-power extension is made of ABS material with silver border, available in black and silver. Compared with the 5W extension, the 10W high-power extension has a louder speaker and better pickup microphone. The rear of the extension is designed with mounting holes, which can be attached to the glass with double-sided tape or hung up, easy for recycling and storage.



Product Name

Dual-way intercom system

Installation Method


Working Voltage/Current


Host Output Power


Host Dimension

Space aluminum alloy panel+Plastic base

155*95*45mm (MIC: 42cm in length)

Extension Output Power


Extension Dimension


3W Metal,φ68*20mm

4W Metal, 74*60*24mm

5W Metal, 116*79*28mm

Gross Weight


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