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DSP6606B 2x30W Active Stereo Wall Mount Speaker


● Built-in 2x30W high fidelity class D digital amplifier
● Two sets of Treble and Bass EQ adjustments are provided for Mic and Music inputs
● Master Volume is allocated for power efficiency and noise reduction in smaller room settings.
● Built-in 2 channels of 30W rated output (8ohms) for excellent musical and vocal reproduction

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DSP6606 is active wall mount speaker and also a multi-functional active public address system. This active wall mount speaker can be easily installed and deployed in areas where signal and power cabling is accessible. The system allows the master active speaker to power up its slave counterpart, at the same instance providing a true stereo sound stage. More importantly, there is also provision to allow chain connection to more DSP6608 for bigger coverage areas. Last but not least, there are 2 types of microphone inputs with High and Low pitch EQ. The application of this active wall speaker will make local area broadcasting easy without need of cumbersome mixer console for simple setup. Do study carefully for more control and application options.

active wall mount speaker speification
DSP6606B  2x30W Active Stereo Wall Mount Speaker

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