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DSP9100 1U IP Network PA System Server


● Zone adding: newly increased partitions can be added and display automatically without settings or host restart; no zone restrictions.
● Zones can be grouped to operate such as switching on/off and volume turning down /up.
● Display grouping information, partition status (on-off/volume/real-time program name), program list and timing point information.
● Support broadcasting program operation on single or multiple grouping (s) or zone (s).
● It has two control modes including program control and manual control on all partitions.
● It can set limitless number of time point solutions, which supports backup saving. It can add / modify / delete the timing points and send the points to assigned zone.
● High-capacity program source space is built in and can be classified based on users’ needs.
● It can synchronize common programs into network voice box.
● Support system remote upgrading on loudspeaker box and intelligent paging centers.
● 10/100M adaptive, support DHCP/IP setting, LAN and WAN
● Small in size, low-power dissipation and energy-saving without screen
● Industrial design to ensure reliable operation
● APP of network broadcast software supports mobile platform.
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DSP9000 IP Network System is a simple and reliable IP audio system. Comparing to traditional IP audio system, DSP9000 is easy to set up (no need of IP address setting), easy to use (plug and play), more reliable (support online and offline running). The system includes all kinds of IP terminals like IP Network Server, IP Paging Microphone, IP Speaker, IP Audio Terminal, IP amplifier, IP Fire Alarm Panel, etc. It offers a new IP audio solution to medium to large audio projects such as hotel, supermarket, shopping mall, school, etc.




Intel Celeron



Hard disk

64G solid disk

Video interface


Audio interface

One Headphone jack,one microphone jack


Front:USB  * 2,back:USB  * 4

Supporting agreement



RJ45(10/100M Ethernet)

Power input

~220V /50Hz

Product size(LxWxH)


Product weight


DSP9100 1U IP Network PA System Server

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