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DSP9136/DSP9136E Stereo IP Network Terminal with 2*10W amplifier


● DSP9136E need POE power supply
● Build in 2*10W stereo digital amplifier
● Based on TCP / IP protocol, multi-function pre-player
● Support separated running form host and network.
● Audio source: AUX, 100V pressure input, MIC, network audio, built-in source.
● Support large capacity storage, built-in program source.
● Audio format:MP3, WAV, AAC, M4A, FLAC, APE, etc.
● MIC sensitivity adjustable, with whistle suppression, echo removal technology.
● Support remote one-button paging and intercom
● With timing function & support offline working
● Multiple control interface: I/O PORT input & output, RS485
● Can play the BGM, emergency paging and alarming signal form the host
● Support SIP standard protocol, can realize the two-way intercom via VOIP telephone
● Support control and play by management software
● Priority function: 100V input> network audio> local MIC>AUX/built-in audio
● Various ways to power supply: AC, DC, POE; users can choose any of them to use.

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This device is a network decoding player with multiple functions such as multi-channel audio source input and remote paging. It supports decoding playback of built-in and network audios. It accepts access and control of servers and other network devices. With offline capability, it can run independently of the network so it is suitable for use on different occasions.

DSP9136/DSP9136E Stereo IP Network Terminal with 2*10W amplifier

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