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Economic Conference System

DSPPA Economic Conference System is powered by MP9866II. This conference system supports up to 35 conference microphones at the same time. It supports multiple conference mode as FREE mode, FIFO mode, LIMIT mode, Chairman Only mode, etc. It is a stable and economic conference solution.

  • CM61 Conference Microphone Delegate UnitCM61 Conference Microphone Delegate UnitNovember 29, 2016CM61 is a delegate unit microphone, and isusually used together with its chairman unit CM60. They are perfect forconference room application.view
  • CM60  Microphone-Chairman UnitCM60 Microphone-Chairman UnitNovember 30, 2016CM60 is a chairman unit microphone, and is usually used together with its delegate unit CM61. In addition to the functions of a delegate unit, it has several priority functions and thus been used by t...view
  • MK6920 2x120W Stereo Mixer Amplifier with 4 mic & EQ ControlMK6920 2x120W Stereo Mixer Amplifier with 4 mic & EQ ControlJuly 20, 2017MK6920 amplifier integrates balancing function and pre-amplifier and post amplifier. The series is equipped with three sets of stereo sound source input ports, four microphone input ports, a stereo li...view
  • MP9866 Digital Conference System ControllerMP9866 Digital Conference System ControllerNovember 30, 2016Digital Programming conference system MP9866II includes Conference Controller MP9866 (conference host), Chairman Conference Microphone CM60, Delegate Conference Microphone CM61, Conference Cable...view
  • MP6906/MP6912/MP6925/MP6935 6 Mic Conference Mixing AmplifierMP6906/MP6912/MP6925/MP6935 6 Mic Conference Mixing AmplifierNovember 30, 2016This Mixing amplifier is 70V,100V&16Ω and rated at 60W. It has 4 line inputs, 1 line output, and 6 microphone inputs. 4 audio source channels can be selected automatically. With mute function, ea...view
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