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HD8001 HD Video Conference Terminal


● Supports 2 million pixels HD video input and output
● Support a number of advanced technologies, mixing algorithm, mute detection, noise suppression, echo
● cancellation, voice-lip synchronization.
● Support the transmission 1080P HD video under the encoding of 1M bandwidth
● Support a coding to provide different resolution, different frame rate of video streams, to meet the needs of
● different meetings.
● Support multi-channel video code function, multi-channel video encoding can also be multi-channel video decoding.
● Support intelligent anti-packet loss processing technology, ensuring that the meeting is not affected when the
● anti-packet loss up to 33%
● Support automatic network repair algorithm, in a variety of harsh network conditions can also see complete and
● clear images.
● Support copy display, the terminal screen can be copied to multiple screens for display.
● Support video multi-channel expansion display, can achieve two monitors display different images, user-friendly
● view of the information.
● With a strong adaptive transmission technology, determine the network situation automatically, and adaptive
● network transmission.
● With a powerful conference recording function, the meeting can be recorded, and video can be saved through the
● USB interface in the U disk or mobile hard disk and other devices.
● With electronic whiteboard, text chat, file transfer, video sharing and other data sharing.

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HD8001 supports the 1080P full HD video and 48KHz broadband voice; support mixing algorithm, mute detection, noise suppression, echo cancellation, voice-lip synchronization technology, and can realize high-definition video effects under the condition of low-bandwidth. This product is suitable for government agencies, enterprises and institutions, educational institutions, team organizations and other users of the video conferencing system.

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