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MAG6255 Intercom terminal


● Adopt professional audio and video processing chip and embedded Linux operating system, stable and reliable, ensure 7x24 hours uninterrupted and stable operation.
● Simple and beautiful outlook with anti-remove screw design. The high strength alloy anti-oxidation panel make it explosion proof and waterproof.
● Double key design (the call target can be set on the server) to realize full duplex visual intercom with the visual intercom host.
● The host can audio monitor and video monitor the terminal, and the terminal can be used as a monitoring head.
● Support voice recognition alarm, noise alarm, anti-demolition alarm and alarm linkage.
● Play background music, make emergency paging, send warning signal from the host system.
● Support real-time transmission of audio and video collected by the built-in camera and microphone to the server for storage, playback, real-time browsing.
● Two-way intercom with VOIP phone, and send video to the third-party platform for display.
● When there is a fire alarm, automatically cut the broadcast sound to the maximum volume.
● Support face recognition, sound pressure, switch detection automatically triggering video intercom.
● With 1 alarm input to connect to external alarm button.
● With 1 alarm output to link control other equipment.
● Support hands-free calling, broadcast receiving and live monitoring.
● Support moving detection snapshot.
● With built-in MP3 player to play local programs and can set individual timing points without the host.
● With built-in WIFI module for access to wireless network.
● Support Bluetooth/2.4G/UHF/IR wireless microphone
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