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LRAD1520 200W Special Siren Acoustic Hailing Directional Device


● Rated input: 100V; Rated power: 200W
● Sensitivity: 119±2dB
● Peak Max. SPL.: 146dB @ 1 m (Peak Max)
● Effective frequency range: 350 Hz - 8 kHz (-15dB)
● Beam width: ± 7.5° (@ 2.5 kHz /-3 dB)
● Reverse Peak Max. SPL.: 116dB @ 1 m (Peak Max)
● Sound wave strike distance: 100m
● Transmission distance:1000m (Background noise 65dBA)
● Protection IP code: IP66
● Dimension: 645×370×255 (mm); Weight: 17kg

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