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LRAS200/LRAS400/LRAS700 Long Range Directional Acoustic Hailing Loundspeaker


● RMS Power:200W/400W/700W
● Active/Passive
● Input lmpedance:4Ω
● Max SPL:140dB
● Sensitivity:114dBFreq.
● Response:400Hz-7kHz

  • Introduction

a. One-button dispersal,alarm;
b. High definition language broadcast;
c. Peripheral strong sound effect button to enhance the dispersal effect;
d. With external audio input, it can be played by external audio source;
e. It can be mounted on a tripod or installed symmetrically on the vehicle.
f. Optional tripod and insert can adjust the horizontal and vertical angles;
g. Optional sound-proof earmuffs can be accepted, the standard delivery phone HD calls.
LRAS200/LRAS400/LRAS700 Long Range Directional Acoustic Hailing Loundspeaker

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