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MAG1488II Remote Paging Selector


● Level indication;
● Up to ten partitions under control;
● Two built-in bell signals;
● Adjustable volume of microphone and bell;
● Goose-neck microphone in specification of CM12;
● RJ45 socket is used for connection between microphones, and cascading connection is supported.

  • Introduction
  • Specification
  • Connection

1. The unit should not be placed areas:
1) with poor ventilation
2) exposed to direct sunlight
3) with high ambient temperature or adjacent to heat generating equipment
4) with high humidity or dust levels
5) susceptible to vibration or overthrow
2. Make sure the power outlet conforms to the plug of the unit and is provided with ground terminal
3. Do not use this unit if the electrical power cord is frayed or broken.

dynamic microphone specification
MAG1488II Remote Paging Selector

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