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Mini40 2x20W MiNi Bluetooth Amplifier


● Frame with rounded corners, elegant and moderate. With precision frosting process and surface oxidation process, and no rust.
● Leading digital power amplification technology, differential input and output design, and two-stage filter processing circuit can ensure excellent SNR, achieving full-range high-fidelity stereo reproduction, and powerful low-frequency and clear high-frequency.
● Safe and reliable, with over-temperature, over-current, and short-circuit protection, as well as soft-starting technology to effectively protect the speaker.
● Easy to use, with two connection methods: Line and Bluetooth.
● Wide voltage design, applicable worldwide.

  • Introduction
  • Specification
  • Connection

MINI40 is a digital amplifier with one channel, also called as one channel digital amplifier.
This Bluetooth amplifier is rated at 2x20W, 4-16 Ω speaker output. The Class-D technology assures its efficient power output with low power consumption.

This digital amplifier is designed concisely according to clients’ market demand, where soft and comfortable music is needed. Compact design, Bluetooth connection and low power consumption making it suitable for hotels, mini stores and houses. This product can be called small 2 channel amp or 2 channel audio amplifier.



Rated Power


Freq. Resp.






Matched Impedance

LINE IN Sensitivity


LINE IN Impedance


BT Transmission


BT Standard


Power Supply


Net Weight


Gross Weight


Product Dimension

125mm ×100mm×35mm

Package Dimension

135mm ×110mm×45mm

Mini40 2x20W MiNi Bluetooth Amplifier

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