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MJ8 Series Microphone


● LCD screen to display working status of receiver and transmitter
● UHF super-high frequency adopted, more reliable than traditional VHF
● DPLL digital phase-locked loop, multiple signal channel Synthetic technology
● 160 information channels in 50MHz frequency band with 250KHz interval
● Advanced frequency matching technique
● With receiving sensitivity adjustment function
● Wireless conference transmission system, two AA batteries to supply power
● High frequency stability, ideal choice for conferences and speeches

  • Introduction
  • Specification

The UHF Wireless Microphone has UHF ultra high frequency band (740-790MHz), and adopts DPLL digital phase-locked loop multi-channel frequency synthesis technology. Within 25MHz frequency bandwidth, and at 250KHz channel interval, it can provide 200-channel options, which can avoid all kinds of interference easily.
Both the hand-held wireless microphone and the clip receiver have high and low power conversion functions. They are powered by two AA batteries and can be used for a long time with high-energy alkaline batteries (10 hours at high power and 15 hours at low power).

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