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MP135M Integrated Microphone with Built-in Amplifier


● 4-16 Ω low impedance output, compared to conventional 100V constant voltage transmission, it is safer to use and more convenient to install with lower loss;
● Mic with priority; the volume of background music decreases automatically when giving speech, and it is automatically restored when speech is over;
● Built-in MP3 Player supports MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC and other formats;
● Built-in recorder can record up to 160 hours with storage in 8G USB;
● Bluetooth connection;
● 1 channel MIC input and 1 channel AUX input;
● Individual volume control of MIC and AUX;
● Bass and treble control; MIC echo function.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

MP135M Integrated Microphone with Built-in Amplifier

Specification of MP135M set

Size of one set


Gross weight of one set


Specification of amplifier

4-16Ω Output power

30 W

AUX Input Sensitivity

500 ± 50 mv


≥ 85 d B

Freq. Response

80 Hz- 16 KHz (±3 d B)


≤0.5% (1KHz,  normal working condition)

Base range

10 d B (100 Hz)

Treble range

10 d B (10 k Hz)

Rated power consumption

45 W

Size (L× W× H)

200 × 149 × 58 mm

Net weight

1 kg

Specification of ceiling speaker


Φ 185 × 68 mm

Cutout size


Input power


Input voltage

8Ω or 100V



Net weight


Note: no voltage of 100V, 70V or higher than 10V is allowed for this product.

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