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MP30W Integrated Wireless WiFi PA System


● Digital audio transmission and its sound quality and stability are far superior to analog wireless transmission
● The transmission frequency is 750-759 MHz, which is more penetrating and farther than Bluetooth, WIFI, and 2.4 MHz
● It reduces wiring costs and man-hours during installation and the host is easy to move
● It is convenient and fast for the system to complete frequency and code matching at one time
● It is convenient and fast for the system to complete frequency and code matching at one time
● The microphone is equipped with a high-quality microphone amplifier circuit, which is much more sensitive than the general products and easy to speak
● It has one microphone input interface, and both microphones have priority functions (can automatically lower the music volume when speaking, and automatically restore it when not speaking)
● It has one line input, which can be connected with other program sources such as mobile phones, DVDs, TV sets, mixers, and so on
● It has one line output, which can be connected with an external power amplifier to expand the number of speakers
● Other wireless loudspeakers are optional, and the installations are unlimited in number but only limited in transmission distance (visual distance 30 meters radius)

  • Introduction
  • Specification

MP30W is an integrated wireless transmitter, which transfers the Bluetooth Player, MP3 Player (supporting U Disk and TF Card, and MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC decoding), Digital Recorder (with high-quality sound, 8G U Disk can record 160 hours), Broadcast Preamplifier (program mixing, tuning, microphone priority function), Karaoke reverberator (reverberation, muffler), Conference Desktop Microphone (professional gooseneck microphone rod, with LED lamp), Audio Digital Transmitter and other audio equipment in the traditional public address system into a compact Amplifier with Microphone (system host). Without cabinets, it saves a lot of space for users and can be directly placed on the desktop.


Power supply


Wireless frequency band


System SNR


Pack size (L× W× H)


Pack weight



AUX Input Sensitivity

500 ± 50 mv

AUX output SNR

 85 d B

Freq. Response

80 Hz- 16 KHz (±3 d B)


≤0.5% (1KHz, normal working condition)

Base range

10 d B  (100 Hz)

Treble range

10 d B  (10 k Hz)

Rated power consumption

5 W

Size (L× W× H)

200 × 149 × 58 mm

Net weight

0.9  kg

Wall-mounted speaker

Rated power


Max. SPL


Effective frequency range


Mounting distance


Size (L× W× H)




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