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MP6906 6 Mic Conference Amplifier


● 70V, 100V & 4-16 Ω, rated power 60W
● 4 line inputs, 1 line output, 6 microphone inputs
● With microphone frequency shift function.
● 4 audio source channels can be selected automatically
● 7-band equalizer and with convenient adjustment function.
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MP69 series power amplifiers are a type of PA conference devices that integrate the equalizing function, frequency shift function, front and backstage amplification function. The products provide 4 audio source input ports, 6 microphone input ports, a line output port and 4 power amplifier's output terminals, etc. Among them, you can select one audio input from 4 channel audio input ports and control its volume. The volume of the 6 microphones can be controlled independently. A master-volume control is provided for controlling the total output volume. The 7-band equalizers (EQ) have been provided to adjust the output. The shifted frequency of microphones is 0-5Hz higher than the original frequency.
MP69 series products have rated voltage outputs of 100 V, 70 V, and rated resistance outputs of 4 Ω, 8 Ω, 16 Ω. They are divided into four kinds of power model 60 W(MP6906), 120 W(MP6912), 250 W(6925) and 350 W(6935).
The products are designed according to the requirements of the conference hall having no whistle, with the tone loud and clear and the volume adjustable. The products provide with multiple protection, well-found function and with the stable operating state and can meet the requirements of conference site for the sound amplification and the background music. This product is the best integrated amplifier, and also can be called pa amplifiers for short.



Rated output power





Output voltage adjust rate

Less than 2 dB

Minimum power emf

Microphone  2.5±0.5 mV (unbalance input)

Microphone 2.5±0.5mV (balance input)

Wiring  250±50 mV

Frequency response

50 Hz ~ 20 KHz (±3dB)

Total harmonic distortion

Less than 0.5% (1 KHz, normal work condition)

S/N ratio (A weighted)

Microphone:   Greater than 75 dB

Wiring:   Greater than 85 dB

7-band equalizer

64Hz:    ±12dB

160Hz:  ±12 dB

400Hz:  ±12 dB

1KHz:   ±12 dB

2.5KHz: ±12 dB

6.4KHz: ±12 dB

15KHz:  ±12 dB

Protection function

DC, overload, short-circuit.

Mute function

Microphone 1 and chime input covering other inputs




0-5 Hz higher than the input signal frequency

Rating power

AC 220V / 50Hz

Power consumed

120 W

250 W

500 W

650 W



Gross weight

12.5 kg

16 kg

15.5 kg

16.5 kg

Net weight

11 kg

14.9 kg

14 kg


MP6906 6 Mic Conference Amplifier

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