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DSP204H 30W Explosion-proof Horn Speaker


● Explosion-proof type: Fireproof
● Explosion-proof marking: ExdIICT6
● Degree of protection: IP54
● Line Voltage : 100V
● Max SPL: 118±2dB
● Wide Freq.Resp.: 400Hz–10kHz
● High sensitivity: 105±2dB

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DSP 204H features superior fireproof performance and sufficient mechanical strength. It is with high sensitivity and electricity/sound efficiency. This product is used for high fire resistance, generates no hazardous gas or environmental pollution.

DSP 204H is suitable for broadcasting, paging and emergency broadcasting in chemical plants, gas stations and the like which have a risk of explosion due to methane mixture, petroleum and other dangerous gas. It is applicable to a site where Class II, T6 explosive atmosphere exists or steam or air is generated.



Rated Power


Line Voltage




Max SPL(1M)


Freq. Resp






DSP204H 30W Explosion-proof Horn Speaker

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