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POE Speaker

  • POE255 POE Network Weather-Resistant Column SpeakerPOE255 POE Network Weather-Resistant Column SpeakerMarch 3, 2020PoE255 Network Outdoor Waterproof Column Speaker is a network play terminal with audio data streaming based on the TCP/IP transmission protocol, which can be mounted to any place accessible to network...view
  • POE6368 POE Waterproof IP Network Column SpeakerPOE6368 POE Waterproof IP Network Column SpeakerNovember 14, 2018POE6368 is a full digital analog conversion signal processor with high fidelity speaker based on the TCP / IP protocol network which is able to realize the overall design of processor and column speak...view
  • POE6463 POE Powered Network Wall Mount SpeakerPOE6463 POE Powered Network Wall Mount SpeakerApril 12, 2017POE6463B is a network full digital signal processor Hi-Fi speaker based on TCP/IP protocol. With dual network interface design, it can be connect to anywhere the network reaches. Under intelligent con...view
  • POE6311 POE IP Network Ceiling SpeakerPOE6311 POE IP Network Ceiling SpeakerNovember 14, 2018POE6311 IP network ceiling speaker is a network of all-digital analog-digital conversion signal processor based on the TCP / IP transmission protocol. With dual network port design, it can be attached...view
  • POE170 Outdoor Network Horn SpeakerPOE170 Outdoor Network Horn SpeakerNovember 17, 2020The product is a network active horn speaker supporting network broadcast intercom system. It cam support the international standard SIP protocol and accept broadcasts and calls from LAN and WAN. It c...view
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