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MAG2588 250 Zones Remote Paging Station


● 7-inch true color touch color, high-grade aluminum alloy industrial drawing panel design.
● Desktop design.
● High-fidelity and hand-held dynamic microphone design.
● Possess multi-level level indication, and the sound pressure is more intuitive.
● Convenience for quick paging in emergencies with manual shortcut keys.
● Graphic user-friendly design, more intuitive display.
● Embedded real-time system platform, high-performance ARM processor.
● Built-in bell sound.
● Paging function of the host partition.
● User password and privilege management.
● With automatic intelligent microphone-off function, you can see turn off paging time delay by the speaker.
● Manually turn on and turn off the paging microphone power supply.
● With intelligent screen protection function, you can set the color display screen protection delay time.

  • Introduction
  • Specification
  • Connection

MAG2588 series of remote paging selectors have the feature of high stability as traditional ones, and it operates stably with low failure rate. It adopts signal all-digital transmission design, and the intelligent control as the core. 7-inch LCD true color LCD screen/touch screen control and graphics and texts interfaces are more user-friendly. With auxiliary input and output channels, it can achieve local audio expansion and amplifier expansion.

Input sensitivity

Mic: 10mV(±1mV), unbalance

Line: 300mV(±50mV), unbalance

Audio signal output

Line output1V±0.1V

Chime output0.8V-1V

Chime output type

CHIME1: note1-3-5-i

CHIME2: notei-5-3-1

CHIME3: note i-5-i-5

Frequency response

Mic: 150Hz-10kHz(±3dB); Line: 20Hz-20kHz(±3dB)


MIC: 1.5%

Line: 0.1%

Signal to noise ratio

Mic input 60dB

Line input70dB


AC fuseF1L


AC 220-240V/50-60Hz/5W

Device size(mm)


Gross weight


Net weight


MAG2588 250 Zones Remote Paging Station

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