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WEP2365 20W Wireless Solar PA Speaker


● Fast installation without laying cables
● Support power supply of solar
● Integrated automatic charging controller
● Built-in lower battery alarm indicator
● Built-in digital power amplifier and DSP-cored wireless modular
● Automatic power on/off with transmitter
● Outdoor and indoor use, waterproof design

  • Introduction
  • Specification
  • Connection

WEP2364 and WEP2365 are loudspeakers of DSPPA Wireless Public Address System. They can receive wireless audio signal from the transmitter (DSPPA's WEP9115T) and support solar energy charging and power storage.

The wireless solar speaker can receive wireless signal transmitted by the WEP9115T between 76~87MHz, and play clear and sonorous sound.

Outdoor waterproof design, fast installation without cable laying, WEP2364 and WEP2365 are ideal option for public address applications in outdoor area, such as stations, parking lots, sports fields, parks, villages, etc.

Electric performance indicators





Parameter of indicator

Range of working environment temperature


Range of transmitting frequency


Frequency interval


Maximum transmitting distance

radius>5000 meters in open areas

Maximum SPL


Signal transmitting method

frequency modulated

Built-in amplifier max output power





Frequency response




Power supply

Solar panel

WEP9420S (20W) or WEP9410S(10W)

External power adapter

Constant voltage DC15V (3—5W)

Wind turbines

Limit voltage DC15V output(10~30W)

Correspondent host

WEP9125T(25W transmitter)

WEP2365 20W Wireless Solar PA Speaker

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