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DSP6618A Ultra Wireless Microphone System


● System is with the digital wireless technology automatically frequency and work in the UHF analog
● circuit wireless microphone system;
● With integrated digital circuit bi-directional automatic identification and analog circuit
● high-fidelity bandwidth;
● 2.4G, two kinds of infrared frequency mode;
● U segment automatic frequency;
● Up to 200 microphones be used in one building without interference with each other

  • Specification
Receiving way Secondary freq  superheterodyne
IF frequency  110MHz,Secondary freq 10.7MHz
  Wireless port BNC/50Ω
 Sensitivity 12 dBµV (80dBS/N)
Sensitivity  range 12-32 dBµV
Spurious suppression ≥75dB
Max output intensity  +10 dBV

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