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DSP6628A Pencil Type Wireless Transmitter


● With integrated digital circuit bi-directional automatic identification and analog circuit
● high-fidelity bandwidth;
● Using 2.4G digital automatic identification;
● Signal range: 60M accessible;
● Total harmonic distortion: ≤ 0.4%;
● Transmission using UHF UHF band (740-765MHz), and applies DPLL digital phase-locked
● loop multi-channel frequency synthesis;
● With 100 channels and digital automatic identification technology, guided TONE
● technology integration;
● In the 25MHz bandwidth, 250KHz channel spacing, providing 100 channel selection,
● easy to avoid interference;
● Can apply in 100 rooms at the same time without interference;
● The pen transmitter is powered by an AAA battery;
● Can be used as conference microphone. Can be put to coat pocket for using. MINI USB charging jack,
● accessible to computer power and phone charger

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