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Remote Paging Microphone

DSPPA Remote Paging Microphones are designed for medium and large PA systems where remote paging function is needed. Usually it is equipped multiple zones, built-in chime, powered by the console, etc. They can be used in schools, supermarkets, railway stations, etc.
  • DMA20 Remote Paging StationDMA20 Remote Paging StationMay 5, 2022DMA20 Remote Paging Station is used in conjunction with the DMA series six-zone amplifier. Adopting touch-key technology, glass panel craft and high-gloss bevel cutting techniques, it is smooth in tou...view
  • RM20 2 Zones Remote Paging MicrophoneRM20 2 Zones Remote Paging MicrophoneApril 12, 2017Remote Paging Microphoneview
  • CM12 6 Zones Remote Paging MicrophoneCM12 6 Zones Remote Paging MicrophoneNovember 30, 2016CM12 is a kind of multifunctional microphone. Each microphone is able to control ten partitions. It is also possible to control any partition separately or to switch on and off any partition on the on...view
  • MAG1488II Remote Paging SelectorMAG1488II Remote Paging SelectorNovember 30, 2016PRECAUTIONS1 The unit should not be placed areas:1) with poor ventilation.2) exposed to direct sunlight.3) with high ambient temperature or adjacent to heat generating equipment.4) with high humidity ...view
  • MP9810RII 100 Zones Paging MicrophoneMP9810RII 100 Zones Paging MicrophoneNovember 30, 2016MP9810RII Zone Paging Microphone built-in chime, mute function. Up to 10 MP9810P paging selectors can be established for paging. Remote paging distance up to 1km. Easy to use. And the clear sound syst...view
  • PC1010R 100 Zones Remote Paging MicrophonePC1010R 100 Zones Remote Paging MicrophoneNovember 30, 2016PC1010R is a remote paging microph bne with uilt-in chime and mute function. Up to 100 zones can be established for paging. Remote paging distance up to 1km. Easy to use. And the clear sound system of...view
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