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D2402 D2421 D2422 D2423 D2424 Two Channels UHF Wireless Conference Microphone S...


● Two channels of UHF wireless microphone system host
● Each channel has 50 built-in frequencies for optional
● Built-in three-band EQ adjustment
● With LCD to display system working status
● IR automatic frequency pairing,2 channels DPLL technology
● Power memory function can be controlled by sequence controller
● Frequency range: UHF 635-685MHz
● Working distance: 50 meters
● Power supply: DC12V
● Dimension: 482x180x45mm

  • Introduction
  • Specification

This device is two channels UHF wireless microphone system. Compared with the traditional host, D2402 is less disturbed and more reliable in transmission by using UHF ultra-high frequency band.
With two channels, it can be connected with two microphones. The power input is DC12V, and there are channel LCD display, channel antenna, channel balanced output, mixed output and mixed balanced output in the panels. Besides, it is often applied in such occasions as exhibitions, meetings, classrooms, stores, etc.

Audio range: 640-690 MHz

Modulation: Broadband FM

Available broadband: 25MHz

Quantity of channels: Automatic infrared frequency, 80 channels

Frequency stability: ±0. 005%

Dynamic range: > 110dB

Peak frequency offset: 45KHz

Audio response: 60HZ-18KHZ (±3dB)

Comprehensive signal-to-noise ratio: > 105dB

Comprehensive distortion: < 0. 5%

Receiver index: 

Receiver mode: secondary frequency conversion superheterodyne

IF Frequency: First-IF:110MHZ, Second IF: 10.7MHZ

Wireless interface: BNC

Sensitivity: 12dB (80dB S/N)

Squelch threshold: 0-4dBV

Spurs suppression: > 80dB

Audio output: Unbalanced: + 4dB (1.25 V)/5kΩ

Balance: +10dB (2.5 V)/6000Ω

Supply voltage: DC11-16V (rated12V)

Current: Single receiver, less than200mA; double receiver, less than 350mA

Transmitter Index: 

Output power: 30mW/3mW (HI/LO conversion)

Spurs suppression:-60dB

Power supply: AA x 2

Current: < 110 mA (HF) < 80WA (LF)

Service time (sealed battery): About 8 hours for high power transmission and about 12 hours for low power transmission.

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