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Large Conference Room (Meet X)

  • Conference Room Solution with Video MatrixConference Room Solution with Video MatrixDecember 30, 2019Conference Room Solution with Video MatrixThe design scheme of the large conference room is mainly composed of a presentation system, an intelligent central control audio and a digital conference syst...view
  • 4K IP-based Distribution Matrix System4K IP-based Distribution Matrix SystemJune 14, 2019IntroductionThe 4K Visual Distributed Management Platform of DSPPA integrates advanced audio and video transmission control, graphics signal ...view
  • Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation Conference SystemWireless Simultaneous Interpretation Conference SystemJuly 5, 2019Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation SystemIntroductionDSPPA simultaneous interpretation system is based on the traditional conference sound reinforcement, which is mainly used to achieve multilingual...view
  • Intelligent Digital Conference SolutionIntelligent Digital Conference SolutionNovember 25, 2016This is an intelligent digital conference solution powered by D62 Digital Conference System. It can be applied to conferences to fulfill multiple functions such as discussion, monitor, simultaneous in...view
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