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4K IP-based Distribution Matrix System


The 4K Visual Distributed Management Platform of DSPPA integrates advanced audio and video transmission control, graphics signal switching, multi-screen image processing, network and intelligent control technology, which meets the user's needs of "security, stability, scalability, interconnection, visualization and convenience" for the intelligent management platform. It also improves the efficiency of control, schedule and conference communication, and the timeliness of resource release and fault prevention.
The system is designed in a distributed architecture. When one of the equipment breaks down, the system can still run normally. With the new video coding and decoding technology and lossless transmission mode, it brings excellent audio and video experience and visualization operation to customers. It realizes the functions of HD signal acquisition and restoration, uncompressed transmission, environment control, interconnection and interoperability among different regions. Users can control and schedule signal sources in different regions in real time only through touch control equipment, which is widely used in conference, monitoring, multimedia information publishing, control and scheduling etc.


1. Distributed Architecture Design

With decentralized, server-free fully distributed architecture, the system is efficient and stable.

2. Graphic Processing

Support multi-video image tile, segmentation, fusion display, can realize the functions of free stretching, roaming, overlapping, image-in-image etc.

3. 4K Resolution

The input and output image resolution can reach 4K, and the H. 265 encoding and decoding mode can bring you ultra-high definition experience.

4. Visual Control

Support mobile phones, tablet computers, PC and touch-control integrated computer and other platforms for visual control, the control is more flexible and convenient.

5. IPC Seamless Access

Support the input, call and distribution of all DSPPA IP cameras; receive and forward stream, access to video files, adjust the playback progress, and send to all levels.


1. Audio-Visual Conference Room:

Conference area: 11 meters*8 meters (L*W), 88

Number of participants: 30

Main Uses: Exchange Conference, Training, Information Release.

Main functions: display system, conference sound reinforcement, digital discussion system, centralized control system, synchronous real-time display of multi-channel video signal / VGA / AV signal / composite video signal .

Sound reinforcement system: 2 full-frequency main speakers and 4 full-frequency auxiliary speakers are set up in the conference room and are driven by 3 power amplifiers to meet the needs of the conference hall.

Digital conference system: 30 desktop cascaded microphones are set up on the rostrum, including conference control host, speech unit and other equipment, which can provide the functions of speech, discussion and so on to participants in each conference room. With a tracking camera, when a conference unit is opened, the tracking camera will track the speaker's position for close-up, and send the signal to the matrix or directly to the display device for viewing.

Central control system: 1 intelligent centralized control system is equipped, including power supply controller/volume controller/incandescent lamp dimmer, which can control the conference equipment and equipment with agreement such as lighting, air conditioning, projector, projector screen, elevator, etc.

Distributed input/output nodes: 6 HDMI input boxes, 4 VGA input boxes and 8 HDMI output boxes.

Peripheral equipment: 8-channel mixer is equipped for audio access in conference room. Another set of two-handed wireless microphone and DVD player is equipped for speech and audio and video playback. Audio processor, feedback suppressor, power sequencer and other peripheral equipment are also equipped.






Distributed Integrated Management Host



Distributed Integrated Management Software



Distributed Mobile Control Software



Single-channel HDMI 4K input node



Single-channel HDMI 4K output node



Intelligent Digital Conference System Controller



Conference Extension Controller



Desktop Chairman Speech Unit



Desktop Delegate Speech Unit



D62 Series Conference 8-pin DCN Wire (20m)



HD Conference Camera



8'' 150W Professional Two Way Cabinet speaker 8 Ohm



Professional Stereo Amplifier2x250W



Wireless Microphone System



8 Channel Power Supply Sequency Controller






Digital Audio Processor



Feedback Suppressor



Network Programming Multimedia Central Control Host



Power controller



Volume controller


System Diagram:

1. Scenic Spot Monitoring Center:

Conference area: 10 meters*5 meters (L*W), 50

Number of participants: 10

Main Uses: Real-time monitoring of passenger flow, emergency treatment.

Main functions: large screen display system, multi-channel real-time monitoring display of IPC camera, enlargement command of monitoring screen.


IPC system: 100 IPC cameras are arranged in the main area of the scenic spot to understand the human flow in real time.

Large screen splicing system: The monitoring room is equipped with 4*8 large screen. 32 screens through 32 distributed output boxes form a complete screen.

Distributed management system: Integrate IPC cameras display scrolling pictures of different locations on the large screen, to fully understand the dynamics of the scenic spot. At the same time, the mobile control system can freely select the screen to display and control the size of the screen to display more clearly.









Distributed Integrated         Management Host



Distributed Integrated Management Software



Distributed Mobile Control Software



Single-channel HDMI 4K output node





System diagram:


Distributed Integrated Management Host D6900

◆Embedded CPU, Linux operating system, multiple guarantees for data security , support 7 x 24 hours uninterrupted stable operation;

◆ Built-in distributed video software to support the input calls and distributions of all DSPPA IP camera: Receive and forward stream, access to video files, adjust the playback progress and the volume, and send to all levels;

◆ Support H. 265 coding and decoding, effectively solve the problem of bandwidth of video transmission and coding and storage capacity;

◆ Supports the management of video channel, and can synchronize channel information with the monitor video host and MCU by one key;

◆ Support hierarchical forwarding of streaming media, effectively solve the conflict caused by multi-user calling the bandwidth and access of the same device simultaneously ;

◆ Unified editing and authorization of all channels, which can assign different permissions according to different levels of users;

◆ Can seamlessly fuse with input and output nodes supporting DSPPA protocol, and arbitrary push of video stream to large screen for display and client for access;

◆ Support host cluster, load balancing and remote upgrade and maintenance.

Distributed Integrated Management Software D6901

Support B/S, C/S architecture, stable and reliable, and can realize the management, control and data exchange of the equipment;

Support binding addition and states monitoring of input and output nodes, input and output nodes of access network can be added by searching hardware, and support node information modification (including name, organizational structure, etc.);

Support real-time visual preview, sorting, signal switching and intelligent control on terminals for different signal source;

Support call, distribution and display of IP camera signals, and a single system can support up to 200 cameras access; More than 200 cameras can be expanded by cascade mode; IP camera video can be coded and decoded through video server, while providing front-end access with preview, download, video playback, etc.

◆Support free manipulation and dragging video source to display control area, can realize window management, tiling, zooming, image-in-image and image roaming of all video sources, and adjust the window parameters (overlap, position, size, proportion, etc.);

Support KVM management function, can switch signal on management interface, a set of keyboard and mouse can control multiple monitors, one mouse can roam on multiple screens and multiple images can display on single screen.

Distributed Mobile Control Software D6902A/D6902I

◆ Support one-key synchronization of device information on PC software, can quickly configure the use environment of mobile terminal.

◆ Support real-time visual preview and switching of signal sources and terminals, can customize switching effects and names of different scenes, support custom conference mode and pre-set conference mode.

◆ Support free manipulation and dragging video source to display control area, can realize window management, tiling, zooming, image-in-image and image roaming of all video sources, and adjust the window parameters (overlap, position, size, proportion, etc.).

◆ Support scene switching with fast response, low latency and smooth images.

◆ Support scene polling setting, the polling time, polling screen sequence and mode can be customized.

◆ Support signal acquisition, distribution and display of IP camera;

◆ Built-in environment management module, support HD matrix signal switching, power switch, camera rotation, zoom in and out of focus, preset position call, volume adjustment, light/air conditioning switch, etc.;

◆ Support multi-level management mode with permission allocation, users of different levels can log in and manage on different interfaces.

64-channel Echo Terminal D6905

◆ Support signal acquisition of 64 video sources for arbitrary combination stitching, echo output and display;

◆ Effectively solves the delay caused by multi-source on the wall in large-scale distributed systems.

◆ The terminal supports the loop-out interface, can display the input signal at the input end.

◆ Support multi-media video input preview and large screen echo output, and synchronous operation of PC, tablet and integrated computer and other equipment.

Single-channel HDMI 4K input/output node D6911/D6912/D6913/D6914

Embedded CPU, Linux operating system, top-level codec chip with low power consumption, high efficiency, security and stability.

◆ Built-in advanced image processing platform, H. 265 standard for 60 frames real-time encoding and decoding (compatible with H. 264) to present perfect original images, high and low bit stream output at the same time, 20M bandwidth for 4K Resolution.

◆ Built-in audio input and acquisition module to realize audio and video shunt output without interfering the synchronous output of audio and video, support audio direct output after decoding;

◆ Can open windows, overlap, roam, zoom and cross-screen operations on any screen, and realize large-scale tile display.

◆ Support 4K@60HZ (downward compatible) screen output, custom resolution, and the signal delay is less than 100ms.

◆ Support image segmentation and overlap, maximum overlap of 16 layers and automatically covers more than 16 layers.

◆ Integrated KVM module, supports remote KVM operation and compatible with various operating systems, support shortcut keys, OSD menus and mouse cross-screen operation, remote switching for different users, PC data transfer, U disk copy and storage, and other operations, support permission management, and all operations will be recorded.

◆ Integrate environment management module, support 2*RS-232, 1*RS-485, 2I/O ports and 2*infrared signals input and output, can collect and monitor various data, control lighting, curtains, air conditioning, volume and media playback, support custom programming, develops functions according to requirements, and can store, upload and return programs.

◆ One-key reset to automatically acquire IP address, supports dual-link hot backup, automatic recovery configuration after power-off, with zero delay, zero jitter and double protection.

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