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Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation Conference System

Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation System


DSPPA simultaneous interpretation system is based on the traditional conference sound reinforcement, which is mainly used to achieve multilingual barrier-free conference and to achieve real-time translation. The 12-channel translation host can support the simultaneous use of 12 national languages; the infrared transmitting panel can transmit the translated audio to the receiving headphones of each participant in real time through the audio infrared FM transmission. It is widely used in large international conference rooms, campus listening training rooms, etc.


1. Security and confidentiality Infrared directional transmission with high confidentiality, to prevent malicious interference and eavesdropping;

2. Anti interference Use 2M-8MHz frequency, which is not disturbed by high frequency driving light source and mobile phone signal;

3. Lossless restoration Audio infrared FM transmission technology, to ensure that the translated speech is highly restored with clear sound;

4. Multilingual switching Support online simultaneous translation of 12 languages, the receiver can arbitrarily switch the language to listen to;

5. Simple installation Wireless transmission installation, which is simple and convenient.


1. International conference room:

Conference area: 50m (length) * 20m (width), 600

Number of participants: 300

Main uses: international communication

Main functions: sound reinforcement, simultaneous interpretation.

Sound reinforcement system: In the conference room, 2 series of linear array speakers for sound reinforcement and 4 * full-frequency auxiliary speakers are configured to meet the needs of the conference rooms, and 7 * power amplifiers are used to drive.

Simultaneous interpretation system: 1 * desktop microphone is placed on the rostrum. Audio is transmitted to five translators through the conference host and translation host for translation. The translated audio is sent to each participant through the infrared transmission panel. At the same time, the audio of the speaker microphone is sent to the sound reinforcement system to realize the local sound reinforcement of the conference venue. It can achieve multilingual barrier-free conference.

System diagram:

Infrared Interpreting System

Campus listening training room

Number of participants: 100 per room

Main use: Listening training

Main functions: teaching


Simultaneous interpretation (hearing) system: 1 * DVD player for listening is configured in computer room and connected to the infrared transmitter. Through the audio infrared FM transmission technology, the audio source is sent to headphones of each student. It is easy to install, the function is simple to realize and the anti-interference ability is strong. It is the best choice for the listening training room. At the same time, the host supports the selection of 12-channel sound source, which can simultaneously play different languages of listening materials for students, so as to realize simultaneous practice in multi-class and fully save classroom resources.


System diagram:

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