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D8115TZS Desktop All-In-One Paperless Conference System

D8115TZS Desktop All-In-One Paperless Conference System


DSPPA Intelligent Paperless Conference System is a highly professional and targeted service application system. According to different use scenarios, users’ preferences and habits, the system can fully meet users’ needs. It integrates the traditional complex conference system and devices, providing intelligent services and great interactive experience for conference system solutions. With advanced communication technology, audio technology, video technology, software technology, it realize paperless conference through the electronic exchange of documents. Its use is simple, environmental-friendly and efficient, which is widely used in professional conference rooms.


1. Confidential internal private network, encryption sending of date files

2. Environmental-friendly less printings of conference materials, lower paper loss

3. Efficient convenient for information transmission, data collection

4. Simple integrate check-in, voting, data sharing, interaction with the same screen, data saving and other functions in one


Conference Room:

Conference area: 12m * 9m (L*W), 108

Number of participants: 20

Main use: Conference communication

Main functions: Conference amplification, paperless conference


Sound Reinforcement System: 2 * MX1500, 4 * D6564 for amplification and 1 * lifting microphone for each seat for speaking are configured in a conference room.

Paperless System: 1* Paperless Conference Terminal with tablet display is configured for each seat to attend properly and quickly. The participants can check in, view and edit conference materials, explain on the same screen of the terminals, and can save all the conference information on the host. It can also realize pre-conference check-in, inter-conference interaction and post-conference storage, thus the whole conference can be paperless, saving and environmental-friendly, and the participants can experience a simpler and more convenient conference.

Configuration List:

System Diagram:

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