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MAG6000 IP Network Audio Solution for Mega Mall

MAG6000 IP Network Audio Solution for Mega Mall


The network broadcast system produced by Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd transmit the digital audio signal over LAN in the form of standard IP packet with a transmission distance of more than ten kilometers. It breaks through the traditional pattern that public broadcast can only be downloaded and controlled centrally through the computer room, and has powerful interactive function. With Layer construction, highly integrated, it is a set of two-way audio reinforcement system based on full-digital transmission. It can realize overall control management and resource allocation in the master control room.


1.  Flexible, without restrictions on regional management;

2Multiple source input;

3Programmable timing function;

4Remote control & paging function;

5Remote computer control & monitoring;

6Automatic backup & recovery.


1. Mega mall:

Main use: Background ,music, Fire linkage, Emergency broadcast in public area


Mainly configured with system server, player, tuner, monitoring speaker, network fire alarm, radio microphone, power sequencer, network paging platform, network power amplifier, speaker.

System diagram:

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