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Network Smart Music System

DSPPA Network Smart Music System supplies end users an excellent network smart home music solution at an affordable price. Such Network Smart Music System supports multiple audio inputs as USB, 3 AUX, network radio, Wi-Fi music, Air Play, DLNA and multiple zones outputs (8 zones to 72 zones). It supports on-wall panel remote control and APP control. It is an excellent and smart central music solution for house, canteen, hotel, etc.

  • AM8318 Multi-room Audio SystemsAM8318 Multi-room Audio SystemsNovember 30, 2016AM8318 system is a set of ideal modernized multiroom audio systems。Beside with all the functions of traditional home audio,it is also with:①different room can listen to different music program,for e...view
  • AM8328  Multi-room Home Central Music HostAM8328 Multi-room Home Central Music HostNovember 30, 2016AM8328 system is a set of perfect modernized Multi-Room Music System. In addition to all the functions the traditional household audio should have, this set of system has two special function: ① Lis...view
  • BM828R  Home Central Audio Room ControllerBM828R Home Central Audio Room ControllerNovember 30, 2016view
  • AM8300  Home Central Music Zone ExpanderAM8300 Home Central Music Zone ExpanderNovember 30, 2016AM8300 is the partition extended power amplifier used for the multi-room network music system. Every set of AM8300 is able to provided 4 additional partitions for the user, so as to meet the needs of ...view
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