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DSPPA Wi-Fi speaker is a desk-top speaker with built-in amplifier. It supports Wi-Fi music playing, Bluetooth 4.0 music playing, AUX line music playing, Air Play and network radio. The powerful 2x20W speaker output of Hi-Fi sound processing ensures a heart-touching sound effect. It is an optical solution for house room, classroom, office, and retail shops.

  • DSP818 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Stereo SpeakerDSP818 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Stereo SpeakerNovember 30, 2016DSP818 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Stereo Speaker is user-friendly with clear and full-range sound. The setup is easy. Plug in the system, connect it to a computer with the equipped USB cable and go to the se...view
  • AUX168 20w Coaxial Ceiling SpeakerAUX168 20w Coaxial Ceiling SpeakerJune 26, 2017AUX168 is a 20W 8Ω stereo ceiling speaker with high quality engineering plastic and beautiful appearance configuration, small and exquisite terminals, completely be suited to modern family’s fashion...view
  • AUX167II Coaxial Ceiling SpeakerAUX167II Coaxial Ceiling SpeakerJune 26, 2017For high frequencies, a "titanium composite silk dome tweeter designed to adapt to the Chinese market by the AUCA companies. This tweeter uses magnetic fluid coolant to ensure maximum power output. Sc...view
  • AUX187II Coaxial Hi-Fi Ceiling SpeakerAUX187II Coaxial Hi-Fi Ceiling SpeakerJune 26, 2017view
  • AUX802 Ceiling SpeakerAUX802 Ceiling SpeakerJune 26, 2017view
  • AUX166 Neodymium Magnet Ceiling SpeakerAUX166 Neodymium Magnet Ceiling SpeakerJune 26, 2017We use a 3” paper cone all-frequency speaker which is especially designed for Chinese market by AUCA Corporation. This tweeter uses Ferrofluid liquid cooling to allow greater power handling. Its sca...view
  • AUX650 Tree Stump SpeakerAUX650 Tree Stump SpeakerJune 26, 2017view
  • AUX6604N Wall Mount SpeakerAUX6604N Wall Mount SpeakerJune 26, 2017AUX6604N speaker is specially designed for network system, built in 2x20W amplifier and 4G memory card for song storage,which can play music,paging and emergency signal from network with highest prior...view
  • AUX203N 2X15W IP Indoor Column SpeakerAUX203N 2X15W IP Indoor Column SpeakerJune 27, 2017AUX203N IP Network Column Speaker is made of high quality birch, the speaker unit using the original colorseaweed salvage pulp drum paper, full-frequency double cone speaker, frequency response wider....view
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