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Military Speaker

Base on the strict quality control, DSPPA has launched into the market several military audio products, and they are awarded by the Chinese military force for their excellent performance. Among these military audio products, two series of them are highlighted: DSP169HD Video Megaphone and LA1521HS Acoustic Hailing Speaker.

  • LA1521H Directional SpeakerLA1521H Directional SpeakerJune 6, 2017view
  • LA1525SD Ultra Directional Speaker SystemLA1525SD Ultra Directional Speaker SystemApril 12, 2017The LA1525SD hyper directional speaker can deliver a narrow beam of sound to a desired area while preserving silence around it, or allowing the co-existence of different sounds in the same space witho...view
  • Video MegaphoneVideo MegaphoneNovember 29, 2016There is a model for Video Megaphone, it is called DSP169HD high fidelity video megaphone. Designed for police and crowd control applications. 200 meters rang, with voice enhance and alarm siren. With...view
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