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DS1421H Portable Sound Enhancement Loudspeaker


● Actual power of the high-power version more than 500W, higher sensitivity, longer transmission distance
● Can be taken like a shoulder bag, backpack or handbag, or be installed on a tripod
● With MP3 player, FM radio, USB, Bluetooth and paging function
● Support broadcast through remote phone call
● Anti-fall, anti-low temperature, and non-peeling.
  • Introduction
  • Specification
  • Connection

Rated power of similar portable loudspeaker is below 80W and the actual power is less than 50W due to the compression of voice coil power when working with full power. This product adopts voice coil air cooling technology. Actual power of the high-power version is more than 500W, and the sensitivity decrease caused by power compression is no longer obvious. Compared with other portable acoustic devices, this product has higher sensitivity, and the maximum sound pressure level is 10dB higher, which greatly increases the sound transmission distance. By comparison, the sensitivity, frequency response, distortion degree and other indicators of similar portable acoustic devices are lower than this product.

When used independently, this product can be taken like a shoulder bag, backpack or handbag, and can also be installed on a tripod. This product supports parallel connection of multiple devices on vehicle and shipboard. There is a gap between two devices, which is convenient for heat dissipation and installation. Parallel connection is very simple.

When using this device independently, you can use its handheld microphone to page, or page through the mobile phone Bluetooth or third party software. You can also choose and buy compatible Bluetooth microphone to page. The device comes with MP3 player, FM radio, and can play the Bluetooth music of mobile phone. It has one key to play the alarm and one key to play the dispel sound. Paging through this product can be recorded to USB disk and supports playback. The recording is in MP3 format.

This product can be distributed in different regions, and each of them could form a system through Bluetooth connection and Internet connection of mobile phones. You can make a phone call from another region to broadcast in the whole system, or you can use free third-party call software, such as WeChat which has group voice call function.

This product is compact in size, beautiful in appearance, and integrated molding box. ABS engineering plastic is used which is anti-fall, anti-low temperature, and non-peeling.



Rated power


Language intelligibility
100 meters away


Characteristic sensitivity level


Effective frequency range

400Hz – 8kHz

Cover Angle

Level 70 ° x 50 ° vertically

Size (width * depth * height)




DS1421H Portable Sound Enhancement Loudspeaker

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