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The Strongest Escort for College Entrance Examination

2015 College Entrance Examination in China has been pulled down the curtain.DSPPA and its dealerChangchun Hanrui Electronic Co., Ltd had made a perfect ending for this examination,providing a strongest escort for it.

Unfortunately,The English listening equipment was failed in a college entrance examination in Wuhu, Anhui.which is used in bad PA system,leading to some students were not willing to hand in their paper.The bad PA system will affect the marks for the students.So,the PA system is very important for every student,every school.

news reports

(New reports)

"Depending on the quality is our life" DSPPA has been uphold still now since its inception.

During the time of College Entrance Examination,in order to ensure the smooth development of it and to help the students reach the best level,Hanrui Electronic provided the good quality products of DSPPAwith detailed technical services to help students successfully in Changchun  Yangzheng Senior Middle School!

Changchun Yangzheng Senior Middle School)

(Changchun Yangzheng Senior Middle School)

As we know,the College Entrance Examination is very important for all students and everyone will try their best to achieve their dream,so the PA System is great important for this examination as the clear pronunciation instruction can guarantee the examination room keep harmonious and orderly.

In this time,Hanrui Electronic used Addressable PA system to make the College Entrance Examination well played.This system uses bus routing structure ,simply and conveniently,providing zoning arbitrary timed broadcast function.Each zone can select program randomly as well as adjusting the volume,monitoring the radio room and the volume of the broadcast partition.

As DSPPA outstanding dealers,Hanrui Electronic was thinking highly of this project and they retested it again and again to ensure the stability of the broadcasting system.Their strict attitude for work win many project partners trusting.

Successful return with smile face

(Successful return with smile face)

In a word,choosing DSPPA means that you choose absolutely assured products and guaranteed products! So,DSPPA is your best partner and supplier for PA products.

Let us win- win,creating the best and sounding the world~!

Successful Case

(Successful Case)

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